Some thoughts and photographs about live music, by my girlfriend. Coincidentally, we share an early live music experience; despite her being a Dartford lass, and me being a northerer. And that shared experience was brought to us by a band from the Midlands, somewhere in the middle (natch)

DLB Photography

Festival No.6 2014 212 (2)Festival No.6 2014 643 (2)Green Man Festival 2015 529 (2)IMG_9170 (2)IMG_9259 (2)

Gigs and live music have played an important part in my life since I saw my first band at the age of twelve. The memory is still vivid. It was 1978 or 79; my first year at secondary school. My mum had allowed me to go along with my class mate Marie Smith and her older brother, who acted as responsible adult. He was just sixteen and I had a crush on him, although  I can’t for the life of me remember his name now. I know it was one of those years because Marie left our school at the end of the first year and we lost touch. I was a small, excited, sta-pressed trousered, Fred Perry Shirt and monkey boot wearing ska lover and I was as giddy as hell at the prospect of my first gig.

The Specials played Rainbow Theatre in London as part of the…

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Welsh business, Halen Mon salt and taking the plunge into self-employment

A thought provoking and informative piece about self-employment in North Wales

Moel Faban Suppers

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There’s no doubt that Wales is a nation of self-employed and small business owners. My partner, when he first moved here from Leeds and started to get to know people, would ask what they did for a living and was constantly met with a series of unexpected responses.  “I’m a…poet, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, vegan cake maker, photographer, musician, mushroom grower, actress, chakra dance teacher, gong therapist, outdoor instructor, silversmith, the voice of the Welsh Peppa Pig!…. finally he asked me if I knew anyone with a ‘normal’ job?

Err, the answer to that is probably no. But I do know an extraordinarily large number of self-employed people.

Figures from a House of Commons Briefing paper 2016  report 5.5 million businesses listed in the UK with 99% of them being small to medium-sized, although 96% are considered micro businesses (employing less than 10 people) while the number of sole traders has…

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