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I don’t know why I thought a place like this wouldn’t have a nice selection of teas: green tea, camomile, peppermint, and fruit infusions. Just goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the sort of thing I was brought up with, but I still do it, we all do it. I’ve seen the looks, the double takes I’ve been given with this latest guise. Who wouldn’t want to get another look at the larger lady with the ‘eleven’ loud clothes glowing like a belisha beacon?

I upcycle clothes from charity shops. Take this blue and orange smock I’m wearing, it’s made out of a set of curtains from material bought from Ikea; the woman in the shop insisted on giving me the backstory of all the items I bought in there. I don’t mind the attention; it feeds my enthusiasm for the part, like I‘m…

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It’s Not Food Waste, It’s WASTED FOOD!

One of my Real Junk Food Project pieces


Our cafes do not serve “food waste”; food waste is the rubbish left over, when we have utilised all the edible stuff. Our cafes serve wasted food! Spot the difference?

We need to change the way people look at our menus. More often than not these days, the food on our menus has never even seen the inside of a bin.

That’s because what we are doing is starting to work, slowly.

Wholesalers, retailers, and distributors are starting to see sense. It’s not only wrong to waste food, it’s needless as well.

We already have many small, independent businesses on board; and the big guns are starting to spot this trend. They’re cautious, of course, and want to see that this new way of dealing with food is reliable and safe; and let’s not look through rose tinted glasses here, they want to know it won’t eat into their profits.

What they’re discovering…

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