Becoming A “Scrounger”

Becoming a “Scrounger”.

How did I feel when I lost my job in August? Relieved! Sure there were the the hardships of being unemployed to contend with: the fall in income,having to sign on with the rest of the “scroungers”,dealing with the poor lost souls,who work at the DWP & the Job Centre.
But let’s compare that with the positives.

(a) I no longer have to get up at 5:30 in the morning,then spend all day & evening doing a job which was making me misreable & irritable,then get home around 10:30 in the evening,with nothing to look forward to but the prospect of doing it all again the next day.

(b) It gave me the much needed kick up the arse,to kickstart my next career change/development.

(c) I got to enjoy the unseasonabley hot sunny days of an English “Indian” summer.

(d) It gave me more time to do the things I WANTED to do (see (a))

I had my second interview with Ruth,my “Job Seekers Advisor, this week. As she was going through the relatively long list of jobs I’d recently applied for,she paused at one vacancy in particular;Employment Advisor” for a Mental Health charity.
“Looking for a new job?” I asked,half jokingly.
“No.I’ll be here ’til I retire” she replied.
“One less applicant for me to compete with then” I smiled. Poor cow,I thought to myself.

It was while waiting in the Job Centre, that I came up with my idea to solve the country’s financial difficulties.A swear box should be installed in every job centre,nationwide.Everytime a “scrounger” uses the words “fucking useless”, to describe either the staff or the service provided by the Job Centre or DWP,they must put a penny from their pittance in the pot.By my calculations,there should be enough money available,to fund the building & staffing for 3 nurseries & 1 special care baby unit,for a year,by the end of the week.

In the meantime,I continue to email my CV to potential employers,whilst pursuing my own goals.I will receive my pittance for doing the first of these things,and pittying,condescending smiles if disapproval for the latter.